Bothering deep sea animals – BoBEco Cruise

The Victor ROV has been brought back onboard and been refitted for a biological survey. The machine really is very well designed; you have the main body of the machine, housing all the communication, positioning, cameras and thrusters and then an interchangeable sled-like bottom. Continue reading

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The start of the BoBEco cruise

We gathered in Brest, France on the 9th of September; a diverse group of scientists from all over Europe. The CoralFISH project has been active now for about 3 years, and due to the relatively small world of ocean science it is getting harder and harder to join a vessel where you do not know anyone. So the day of mobilisation was also one of reunions. We get to play the regular game of “I know you, but where from?” sometimes this will go on for the first few days of the cruise! Continue reading

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Celtic Explorer 2010, Week 2

CE 100014 Cruise Blog- Week 2

Another eventful week has been had onboard the Celtic Explorer! Life beyond the science is now typically tinged with cabin-fever but without the sea sickness! Continue reading

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Celtic Explorer 2010, Week 1

CE 100014 Cruise Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon Doherty and I’m a student studying marine science at the University of Ulster.  I’ve joined the scientific party aboard the Celtic Explorer for 3 weeks to investigate the Irish cold water coral reefs. I am currently on my placement year from university and I will be counting this expedition towards it. Continue reading

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R/V Pelagia 2009

If you wish to continue to follow the cruise blog for the Pelagia CoralFISH/HERMIONE cruise, you will find it on the NIOZ website’s Pelagia Cruise Diary.

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BobGeo 2009. Day 14 – The last full day of the BoBGeo Cruise

As the cruise comes to an end the seismic streamer and air cannons are deployed for the last time – Multibeam continues mapping the Bay of Biscay sea floor and Chirp is still chirping – Last night’s grab comes up empty.

You can also read the French version of these blog pages here

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R/V Pelagia 2009: Monday 19th October. James Keating (Foreign Observer)

51.25.96N, 11.46.40W

We have had the luck of the draw with the weather for the first few days; but on this, Day 4 of the CORALFISH/HERMIONE survey, the Atlantic swell has won. Continue reading

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