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R/V Pelagia 2009 Day 1: The day of the landers

Today marked our first day of work on the HERMIONE/CoralFISH cruise; these overlapping projects focus on areas of biological wealth, which have either high numbers of species or rare species associated with a distinct area.

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BobGeo 2009. Day 13 – Two days to go

Monday 26th October Another fine day begins as the sun shines on the Pourquoi pas? There is still a bit of a swell today but I think I must be getting used to it as I don’t find myself staggering … Continue reading

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BobGeo 2009. Day 12 – What happened to the storm?

Sunday 25th October The storm that everyone was talking about yesterday never seemed to materialise, instead today was a beautiful day. I even ended up sunbathing on the foredeck. Scampi and Calypso are deployed possibly for the last time this cruise.

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BobGeo 2009. Day 11 – A quiet day…

Saturday 24th October Or is it the calm before the storm? It seems very quiet on board the Pourquoi pas? today with only Chirp and Multibeam working. There is a slight swell but maybe everyone is waiting for bad weather … Continue reading

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BobGeo 2009. Days 9 and 10 – It’s all go

Friday 23rd October The sea was much calmer yesterday, there was still a slight swell but nothing like the previous two days. Calypso and Scampi both deployed successfully. You can now read the French version of this blog and we are … Continue reading

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BobGeo 2009. Day 8 – Another wild day

Wednesday 21st October Despite the R/V Pourquoi pas? being quite a big ship it feels as if it has been tossed about quite a bit and I think one or two people are suffering slightly. Even with my patch, I … Continue reading

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BobGeo 2009. Day 7 – Life on board the Pourquoi pas?

Still a heavy swell from last night with more to come tonight. Because of the swell nothing was deployed today other than the acoustic equipment, therefore I thought I might write a little about how my time onboard is spent.

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