BobGeo 2009. Day 13 – Two days to go

Monday 26th October

Another fine day begins as the sun shines on the Pourquoi pas? There is still a bit of a swell today but I think I must be getting used to it as I don’t find myself staggering about as much as I did at the start. Although I still hang on to the railings as I wander around outside on the various decks, my knuckles are no longer white! I was thinking about doing without the magic patch for the last couple of days. However, as the day went on and the swell continued my stomach was not as good as it could be, so I think I might not be so brave and keep with the patch for today and see what tomorrow brings.

There will be no more deployments of Calypso, Scampi or the sediment grabs but Chirp, Seismic and Multibeam continue to operate as they profile and plot the sea floor.

Jean-Francois discusses the map

In the afternoon Jean-Francois gave a presentation the ship’s company. There was a full house as he explained the objectives of the CoralFISH project and presented some of the results gathered so far. At the end he laid out a copy of the latest bathymetrical map which has been produced from all the Multibeam data that has been collect over the last 12 days.

The photograph does not do it justice as it is a very impressive map with very fine detail. I was told that there are special glasses (which someone forgot to bring) which allow you to see the map in 3D. A bathymetric map is basically a map of the sea floor but the lines on it, unlike those on a map of the land which show the heights or contours, the lines on a bathymetric map indicate the depths of the sea.

I thought that is this blog I would feature the crew who keep the Pourquoi pas? running smoothly and look after us. I know that I have not managed to picture everyone so I apologise in advance to those of you I have missed. The man in charge of the ship is Captain Thierry Alix and he can often be seen down among the crew at the various deployments.

Captain Thierry Alix, in the grey T-shirt talks with Jean-Francois after the presentation

The following photos are some of the crew I did manage picture as we had our Sunday lunch. I could do with a better camera as the one I have sometimes has problems with the light which is why some of the pictures are not as sharp as they could be.

The Second Captain, Regis (in red) speaks with two of the crew.

I was going to put names with the pictures but I would probably get them wrong, however, there are one or two I do remember.

Our Chef - Jean-Francois

Our two stewards who look after us at meal times:



Sybille and Philip who keep our rooms tidy (missing is Alix, unfortunately he was not around when I was on the prowl with the camera)

Up on the bridge I met Herve.

Pierre who gave us the tour yesterday

Olivier (left) and Jonathann. These two guys spend a lot of their time right on the edge of deck three as they attach the various ropes and shackles to the equipment as it is deployed and recovered. I get the shivers just watching them!

I know I have missed a lot of people out but thanks to you all for what you do, I am certain it is appreciated by all of us.

Check out the latest videos on the CoralFISH YouTube pages.

Stop Press. I have just been told that because there is some time to use they are going to deploy the sediment grab tonight at around 11.30pm. so it looks like another late night!

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