BobGeo 2009. Day 11 – A quiet day…

Saturday 24th October

Or is it the calm before the storm?
It seems very quiet on board the Pourquoi pas? today with only Chirp and Multibeam working. There is a slight swell but maybe everyone is waiting for bad weather to come which is forecast to hit us this evening.This morning started off with grey clouds and rain. As the day progressed the sun came out for a while and it was quite pleasant just to stand outside and watch the sea go by as we continued doing more transects with the Multibeam to update the maps of the area. There has been a bit of a swell all day and I am told that this is going to increase as the day goes on and that it could possibly be worse than it was Wednesday.

I have spent most of today editing videos to put on the Internet. Also, while I was filming the deployment of Calypso yesterday, the Chief Officer of the Pourquoi pas? asked if it would be possible to have a copy of my film as it is something they do not have. So as well as doing the videos for YouTube I also created a 15 minute video of Calypso for him. It is too big to upload to YouTube but I have posted a shorter version along with some other clips.

These are the videos so far:

Deployment of the seismic buoy and streamer

Calypso being deployed


Some sea views

One of our feathered visitors.

You can view these videos by clicking on the links .

I am looking forward to an extra hour in my bed tonight as the clock goes back an hour here on the ship the same as if we were at home.

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