BobGeo 2009. Day 8 – Another wild day

Wednesday 21st October

Despite the R/V Pourquoi pas? being quite a big ship it feels as if it has been tossed about quite a bit and I think one or two people are suffering slightly. Even with my patch, I had to go and have a lay down for a while to let my tum settle down. In terms of severity I am guessing that this is nothing too serious, but for an amateur sailor like me, it is quite enough.

Today the swell is even higher than yesterday, because of this only the Chirp and Multibeam are in action.

Late yesterday evening the swell started to rise again, this time it has lasted all night and well into the day with some very high waves which to me seem a lot bigger that those we experienced yesterday.

The swell chart on the top right

On the Level 7 Scientific lab where many of the screens monitor what is going on, there is one that shows the level of swell the ship is experiencing. As you can see from the image below it is not exactly a flat line.

The view looking out of a porthole in the Third level computing room. It may not be obvious but that is not the horizon you can see in the distance, it is the top of the swell!

During a brief period when the sun came out there were some really nice contrasts between the ship, the sky and the sea.

At one point it looked as if we were sailing through a rainbow. Hopefully to calmer seas on the other side.

Because of the heavy swell, once again it was not possible to deploy any of the equipment. The only things that were working today were Chirp and Multibeam as they continue to do transects to produce new maps of the area.

A map produced by an older version of multibeam that had a resolution of 120m. This map is used to plot the transects that will be done in order to update the maps with the latest multibeam system that has a resolution of 25m i.e. twenty five times better.

The screens showing new multibeam mapping as the data comes in.

There is often a gathering around these screens in the Level 7 Scientific room to discuss the data that is coming in.

I have spent most of my day trying to see what can be done with editing my video clips so that they can be posted on YouTube. After waiting for around 3 hours for some software that said it could do what I wanted. After using it to cut and join various scenes when it came to exporting the final video in then said that because it was only a trial version and that a watermark would be add. I wish they would tell you this before you download things. Sophie Arnaud did manage to get hold of some software that does work but it does not let you trim the files as far as we could see it only let us join the clips together. It looks like I will have to do the trimming with my laptop and pass the file to Sophie to compile into to a completed movie for posting.

Another frustration has been trying to reproduce the blogs in French. As far as we can make out the blog software does not support the accents which are very important. After surfing the web I came across another blog provider that did support French. I duly signed up for it this morning but I am still waiting for the registration code that they said they would send to my email and it is now 7:00pm and still no sign of the email. Our last resort may have to be to send a PDF or Word file to the Webmaster at Ifremer and ask him if it could be put on the Ifremer web site where it could be downloaded.

Here’s hoping that it will be a bit calmer tomorrow and we can get on with sampling with Scampi, Calypso and the Box-grab.

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