BobGeo 2009. Arriving on the Pourquoi pas? One day to go!

Tuesday 13 October

I’ve had a very interesting week at the CoralFISH Conference in Heraklion where I met with Jean-Francois Bourillet, the Chief Scientist on the BoBGeo Cruise.

Jean-Francois Bourillet

I’ve had a very interesting week at the CoralFISH Conference in Heraklion where I met with Jean-Francois Bourillet. He will be the Chief Scientist on the BoBGeo Cruise, and I am now aboard the Porquoi pas? In total there will be around 30 scientists taking part in this cruise and in the following days I hope to be able to find out what their roles are.

The conference was a very busy time for everyone who attended with workshops carrying on late into the evenings. It was the beginning of a very steep learning curve for me, especially trying understand many of the terms used such as Scampi, not the fish dish, but equipment used for analysing video and photographs, Casino, not a place to gamble, but the electronic ship’s log or Chirp, not what a bird does, but relates to a system of bouncing sound waves off the seafloor and converting the signal that comes back into a plot showing the hills and valleys on the bottom, it is a bit more complicated than that. There were lots of other things spoken about such as, Backscatter, Sismique resolution, Carottier, Sumatra, Geomorphology to name but a few.

So not much chance to enjoy the hot weather and my return to Aberdeen on Friday night where the cold, 4 Deg C, wind and rain was a bit of a shock to the system.

I left home in Aberdeen again on Monday at 4.00AM arriving at my hotel in Brest around 2.30 in the afternoon. I promptly fell asleep for a couple of hours before going for a short walk in the late afternoon sun and after having an early dinner headed back to the hotel for an early night.

When I arrived at the Pourquoi pas? this morning I was given a quick tour of the ship by Benoit Loubrieu who is a cartographer with Ifremer. We ended up in the Scientific lab where it seems that an upgrade of Casino (the electronic log) has been installed and I was very much a spectator from then on, with everyone speaking French as people came to grips with the upgrade.

We have been given the instructions on how to connect to the Intranet system on the ship but it seems that my path to the blog page is blocked for just now, hopefully this can be resolved and you are reading this post, or you may not be able to read anything until the end of the cruise!

I believe that there is a group of children from a school in Brest who are going to follow this blog. As you may have guessed my French is very limited but I hope to get some help so, Bonjour aux enfants de l’ ecole du Forestou de Brest, I hope you enjoy reading about the CoralFISH Cruise. J’espere que vous aller vous amuser et apprendre beaucoup de choses en suivant la campagne BOBGEO du projet CoralFISH.

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