BobGeo 2009. 10 days to cast-off

Let me introduce myself: I’m Owen McPherson and I’ll be writing a blog for this website during the BobGeo cruise aboard the Pourquoi Pas?I spent 28 years in agriculture at Aberdeen University before being transferred to a whole new experience at Oceanlab as a Research Technician in 2004. This will be my first experience of being at sea which I am looking forward to.

When I agreed to take on the role of Outreach Officer for the BobGeo cruise one thing I did not expect was to be sitting in a hotel room in Crete on a Sunday morning nursing a slight hangover. I’d spent the previous evening in a Harley Davidson bar in Heraklion with a young research assistant, Thom Linley, who will be taking part in the CoralFISH cruise on the Pelagia at the end of October. You will be able to read his blog later. We are both here for the CoralFISH Conference and my main reason for attending is to find out more about the aims of project and meet some of the people I will be working with later on the cruise which is due to set sail on the 14th October.

Like many other people I always thought of coral reefs as being something you found off the coast of Australia and other warm areas of the oceans: not so. Coral reefs can be found in many colder seas such as off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. You can find out more by visiting the CoralFISH web site

I wondered about how I would introduce my blog and thought it might be a good idea to tell you about probably the most important participant, the ship itself, which will be home for two weeks from the 13th October, the Pourquoi pas?

The Pourquoi pas?

The name of the ship is part of French naval history and goes way back to 1893 when it was one of four ships owned by the French navigator and naval officer Jean-Baptiste Charcot. Read about them here
Once I get on board I will try and give you a guided tour of this latest ship to bear the famous name.

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